Keep Your Bagpipe Wear Fresh: Wrinkle-Free Packing

Fodor’s Travel Wire posts some handy tips that are sure to be a boon for the traveling bagpiper or drummer.

Anyone who has tried to travel with full bagpipes and accompanying Highland wear knows what a challenge it is to try and fit all of that heavy wool into your average carry-on roller bag, and not have it come out with more creases than your granny’s arse. The tricks listed are quite handy, and will probably offer something new to everyone. A good one:

Plastic. If you remember only one word in your packing efforts, this is the one. And here’s why: friction causes wrinkling, plastic reduces friction. It’s that easy. The best way to utilize this basic plastic physics is with dry-cleaner bags. All hanger items should be packed in individual bags (one outfit per dry-cleaner bag). Clothes arrive in a perfectly preserved state. Really!

As the the big contests creep up on the calendar, you’ll need these skills to keep your kilt, shirt, vest, or jacket flat and uncrumpled.

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