Piper’s Call

The Voice is making a call for writers interested in penning reviews of piping or traditional music media and piping and drumming products. There seems to be no end to the piping audio, print, video, and accessories being produced these days. Help readers of The Voice sort though it all and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Actual users of piping products will get the best information from other actual users. Don’t worry about your personal playing level or experience. The goal is to have a healthy sampling of geography, playing ability, and personal background.

Ideally, we would like to have three or four writers producing reviews. Of course, you should have some writing skills. It would also be nice if you were an eager and regular consumer of piping products (CDs, websites, tune books, accessories). Writers can select works to review themselves, or they can be assigned. First come first served. Generally, we would like to make this an informal exercise. The articles can be long (more than 500 words) or short (under 500 words). Unfortunately, the only payment will be in the actual product itself.

Send along an email describing yourself along with samples of your writing, or a link to your blog or website, something that can give us an idea of your skills.

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