A St. Patrick’s Day Tune!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! “March Madness” may mean college basketball and more college basketball to many, but to the bagpiper in the U.S., it takes on a new meaning that has nothing to do with bouncing balls in nets.

Paddy’s day celebrations throughout the U.S. may be an American invention, but there is no doubt that one of the side benefits (curses?) is that bagpipers and drummers are in quite high demand. Some pipers and drummers will get nearly as much of workout (if not more) during the Paddy’s Day “season” than they would on the competition circuit at Highland games. Plus, it is one of the few times of year that pipers are welcome just about anywhere! (Och!).

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, The Voicelog presents “Let the Bottle Circulate,” from the William Gunn Collection of 1860. And a fine tune to celebrate the general camaraderie of the day i’tis too…

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