Pipuary in New Jersey!

Another blazing success for The Metro Cup Highland Bagpipe Championship held in Newark, New Jersey on Feb. 17. This year’s field was by far the most formidable hosting no less than the likes of Roddy MacLeod, Gordon Walker, and Simon McKerrell along with Metro Cup regulars Bruce Gandy (overall winner), Alastair Gillies, Alasdair Dunn, Margaret Dunn, Andrew Hayes, John Patrick, and Brian Meagher. You don’t need to go anywhere else to see the best in the world play. Roddy MacLeod played an awesome rendition of “Lament for the Viscount of Dundee” on a very impressive sounding bagpipe and was rewarded with a win in the piobaireachd portion of the contest. Another standout in the piobaireachd was Andrew Hayes’s “The Prince’s Salute,” which was a brisk and melodic, as the tune should be played. However, there really was not a bad tune in the entire field. A real treat overall.

The medley portion of the contest was won by Gordon Walker, who truly knows how to please a crowd. His multi-parted, endless performance of “The Fiddler’s Rally” was worth the price of admission in itself. Margaret Dunn (nee Houlihan) had a memorable performance in the medley as well. The Metro Cup goes from strength to strength with a list of pro performers that represent the best of international piping.

Metro Cup Results

1.Roddy MacLeod
2.Bruce Gandy
3.Simon McKerrell
4.James MacHattie
5.Alastair Dunn
6.Alasdair Gillies

1.Gordon Walker
2.Bruce Gandy
3.Alen Tully
4.Margaret Dunn
5.Simon McKerrell
6.Alasdair Gillies

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