Controversy of Composers

Has musical inspiration taken you to jot down a tune or two? Do you have a scrawled-out score just sitting in a box? Have a tune in your head you’ve always wanted to write down? Want others to connect with your tunes?

If you received your Fall issue of The Voice, you will have read about the launch of the “Controversy of Composers” bagpipe tune contest open to all global pipers, drummers, and musicians. Submit your piece for prizes offered by The Voice sponsors and appearance on the “Tune” page of our magazine.

The contest is open to all. Tune submissions can be any length and any time signature, but must be written for the Highland bagpipe. There is no limit to the number of submissions. Dig out your musical nuggets and enter. Tunes can be handwritten, or set in PiobMaster, Bagpipe Music Writer, or any other music scoring program. Submit your tunes as a raw computer file, or a PDF or image file such as GIF or JPG.

Tunes must be unpublished and original compositions by the submitting composer. Sending along a recording of the tune played is welcome.

Prizes will be awarded in serveral rounds of judging by a panel that will include prominent performers, piping judges and Pipe Majors, and the piping community at large. Entrants will hold personal copyright to all of their tunes, but agree to allow publication of their submissions in The Voice.
Overall prizes will be awarded by tune type along with additional special prizes for winning tunes by U.S. and eastern U.S. entrants.

Winners and prizes to be announced in the Summer 2007 issue of The Voice. Submission deadline is March 1. Submit your tunes by email to CDs, or printed or handwritten scores can be submitted by mail to: Controversy of Composers, c/o The Voice, PMB 316, 560 People’s Plaza, Newark, Delaware 19702-4798. Your tune sumbissions must be accompanied by your name, address, email address, and telephone number, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of any materials. Check future issues of The Voice as well as The Voicelog for updates and further information.

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