The Grade 3 EUSPBA Pipe Band Championships

In stark contrast to the threatening skies of the Grade 2 Championship contest, the Grade 3 EUSPBA Pipe Band Championships were held under a clear, sunny sky through warm, most un-Autumn-like weather at the Anne Arundel Scottish Games. The contest saw five of the six east coast EUSPBA branches send a representative Grade 3 band that qualified by winning designated contests in their region along with three “wildcards” who were able to qualify by competing in the normal band event. The St. Andrews Presbyterian College Pipe Band from Laurinburg, North Carolina won the top honors of Grade 3 EUSPBA Champion in a close contest where bands pulled out their best for the day. The Schenectady Pipe Band of Schenectady, New York finished first in the medley portion of the competition and finished second overall. The MacMillan Pipe Band of Maryland finished third. Also competing in the day’s events were Inis Fada, Cameron Highlanders, Ulster Scottish, Balmoral Highlanders, and Grandfather Mountain. Judges for the events included Sandy Jones, Charles Murdoch, June Hanley, Duncan Bell, Donald Bell, James Bell, John Bottomley, Nancy Tunnicliffe, John Wassman, and Jonathan P. Quigg.

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