Sure, go ahead, blame the Bagpipers

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Sometimes the worst place to play Highland bagpipes is in Scotland.

Now, city planners in Edinburgh, the place where bagpiping buskers grow, are blaming the street pipers for the lack of renters on a new Princes Street office complex.

The pipers have been blamed for a prestigious new office development remaining empty more than a year after it was built.

The offices built above what is now the H&M store as part of a £60 million redevelopment of the old C&A site have yet to find a tenant, despite a string of inquiries.

And the performances of the pipers have been blamed for some dropping their interest.

One leading commercial property agent, who has arranged for clients to be shown around the offices, said: “Very often, the decision about whether or not to occupy an office can hinge on something unexpected.

“In this case, certainly in my experience, the bagpiper is helping to keep the place empty.”

What? People working at their menial office jobs, staring at their computer screens all day don’t want to listen to a rousing rendition of Scotland the Brave (a gajillion times)? Where’s their national spirit!

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