November 29th, 2005

Many users have registered for the audio post, but no one has posted! We realize that the process to post your audio files may be a bit complicated, and we apologize. But persevere! Definitely send us an email to let us know if you are having problems or if you know of ways that will make posting audio files easier.

Audio Post Launch

September 7th, 2005

Welcome all to The Voicelog Audio Post! Think of this space as an “open mic” or “virtual stage.” It is open for anyone brave enough to make their private performances public. So many players you talk to will always say that, when they practice in their kitchen at home, they can sound like a Gold Medallist. Well, now is your chance to show us - kitchenpiping direct from the kitchen!

See the description of this section of the journal at right. Also, before you do anything, read the Important Information at right. You will need to register before you do anything. Some general recording resources and links to various software and guides to making recordings of your piping and drumming are listed at right. Have fun, and be nice!