Highland Bagpipes Resurgent in the US?

ABC News has a short piece and video on the “resurgence” of Highland bagpipes.

It’s the typical piece where the journalist expresses shock and amazement when confronted with the notion that Highland bagpipes are anything but a novelty. Good focus on the Army school of piping and the Dragoon Guards, who just secured a $2 million contract for an album that has hit the top of the British classical charts. Not a bad deal for a pipe band. Although to anyone “in the know,” bagpipes have been resurgent for a while. I mean, why do the lazy journalists not bother to contact the National Youth Pipe Band if they want a glimpse into the health of the art? Plus, a lazy walk doon the street from the castle and our correspondent takes the word of Kilberry bagpipes as an example of demand? Cool pic of Stuart Cassells though.

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