Controversy of Composers

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the Controversy of Composers contest (at last)!

Many thanks to those musicians who submitted tunes. We were quite unprepared for, and impressed by, the volume of submissions – and each was given their due. In between preparing content for each issue of the magazine (and our regular, piping and nonpiping lives), we now had the daunting task of organizing and giving consideration to all submissions.

We appreciate everyone’s patience to reach this point, nearly a full year since the deadline, but only two issues from the desired announcement of winners. Look for the first of each top tune to appear in the upcoming Winter issue of The Voice.

One thing is clear: The impulse to compose pipe music is a lot more common among pipers than one might realize. The submissions reflect a variety of taste and style that should be given greater exposure. Only one tune could be at the top of each list, but the rest were fun, clever, and enjoyable in their own way. Pipers have always tried to create music for the instrument they love. Here’s to hoping it continues.

Congratulations to the following winners:

2/4 March—”The Village Sprinter” by J.C. Allioux
Strathspey—”Waldo Kahler” by Daniel Pisowloski
Reel—”The Big Apple Heist” by Iain MacHarg
Slow Air—”The Angel’s Share” by Iain MacHarg
Hornpipe—”Matt Smith’s Revenge” by Steven Knox
Jig—”Ramparts of Glencoe” by D.P. Keenan
6/8 March—”Michael Rogers” by Steven Knox
4/4 March—”Manchester Regional Police and Fire Pipe Band” by Iain MacHarg
Retreat—”Barre Street” by Iain MacHarg

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